Welcome in Maremma!


Immersed in the silent Maremma countryside, it is illuminated by the Etruscan sun and is cradled by the sea breeze that carries the unmistakable scent of the sea and the pine forest. The Benetello family offers you a relaxing stay where relaxation, comfort and friendliness accompany you in a real farm where you can appreciate the healthy life of the farmer and know the animals.

"They give the earth. The state gives the earth. It was a voice that ran a bit 'in all the countries of the Maremma, but we, we who were born in the Maremma, that until then we had known only so much misery, the black, the one that cuts into slices like bread that does not it was never enough, we did not believe it. It was thought that behind it was a deception, we were full of suspicion, disheartened."

Our apartments


Our apartments are finely furnished and comfortable, surrounded by a large garden full of plants and flowers, an olive grove in which the pool has been inserted where you can enjoy the coolness but also the warm sun of the Maremma.