Our Story

Our Story

"They give the earth ..."

"They give the earth. The state gives the earth. It was a voice that ran a bit 'in all the countries of the Maremma, but we, we who were born in the Maremma, that until then we had known only so much misery, the black, the one that cuts into slices like bread that does not it was never enough, we did not believe it. It was thought that behind it was a deception, we were full of suspicion, disheartened. "

Luigi Bellumori, born in 1919, at the beginning of the 50s, lived in Sorano, had just returned from the war and was trying to get by the family working for a few months a year as a corporal in the construction of the roads provided by Fanfani Plan. "It was a bad job, but still a job".

Luigi, who at the time was just over thirty years old, remembers his land as a difficult land, hard, hostile, tirchia: "Stains, only intricate, dense patches, interspersed with a few pieces of soil torn with sweat and it is hard to get a little wheat out of it, the grass for the beasts, a few beasts, also exhausted.

The farms were few, they counted on the fingers of one hand and who had it, even if rented, was a lucky man. " At that time the landscapes of the Maremma were desolate, insidious, unknown. Few people, few houses, heat, desolation, rocks, marshes, fields often covered with brambles, malaria.

Things for Bellumori begin to change towards the 1950s, at the beginning of the Land Reform, when they apply and get a farm near Pitigliano, then a land of 23 hectares at the Arcille, difficult land to work but from which it will get almost 360 quintals of wheat becoming almost a legend.

The years passed and Luigi Bellumori decided to move to Grosseto, also because he started a family and decided to have his three children study. He applied to the Ente Maremma to obtain a farm and the transfer took place in 1966 he was assigned a Farm in the locality of Casotto dei Pescatori, in the countryside surrounding the city of Grosseto.

Unfortunately, only 10 days after the transfer, the irreparable happens: the river Ombrone comes out of the embankments flooding Grosseto and the surrounding territories not sparing the farm of Luigi. "To escape the fury of the water I had to make a hole in the roof and from there get on with the whole family on a helicopter. We were safe, I looked at the earth beneath me: immense spaces, flooded lands, so much desolation. Lost everything: the few beasts I had, the tools, the tractor.

I met the two faces of the Maremma: that of the great landed properties, of the sharecropping, of malaria, of the laborers who came down like me from the hills for the harvest, and the Maremma after the great reclamation works and the Land Reformation, in the middle my life, which has changed like this earth ".

But Luigi did not lose heart, and over the years he managed to turn that desolation into a flourishing company that produced meat and milk.

In the years to come, the family with great effort and collaboration from everyone, has overcome the initial difficulties succeeding in preserving the productive dimension of what has developed as a thriving farm holiday inserting it in a healthy and uncontaminated environment where the tourist can enjoy the natural beauty, friendliness and warmth of the Maremma farmer.

Today Albano and Maria, can offer you an interesting structure where to stay and the opportunity to buy typical quality products such as quinine and oil.

Marco, nephew of Luigi and son of Albano and Maria among the thousand difficulties of the modern era, pursues for passion the dream of making known and appreciating the new generations, an ancient world of which unfortunately we are losing the contact linked to tradition and flavors, memory and values.